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This is ChingHello, I'm Ching!

L.A.R.K is short for Life's A Real Kaleidoscope-- a collection of fun, limited edition accessories that are lovingly handmade in my Malaysian home studio. 

I grew up with creative parents (mom taught art, and my dad had a band) and have always loved making things. 

I started sewing my own bags when I was in primary school, and the sewing machine would always be at my (horrible) mercy as I would try to feed different materials through the machine to see if it could be sewn. 

I chanced upon some pleather at the end of 2011 when I was looking for materials for my DIY blog, and started making jewelry with it. Eventually I went back to my first love-- sewing bags. 

Being a fan of unique finds, I started L.A.R.K to sew and design limited-run accessories. As a maker, I love getting my hands dirty in L.A.R.K, from the designing to the sewing to the packaging. L.A.R.K is truly a small business with big dreams. Within the first year, L.A.R.K has been blessed to be featured in British Vogue, Daily Candy, Frankie, among other websites and publications that I admire. It's super exciting to see people all over the world share the same love for color.

One day I hope to have a piece of L.A.R.K in every corner of the world, spreading the joy of color.

Do take your time to browse around my shop, and let me know if you have any questions or if there's any new designs you would love to see. Drop me a line at hello@shoplark.com or use the Contact form. 

Enjoy your stay!